The 1880 Shiraz

Poonawatta The 1880 Shiraz is one of the last remaining vineyards of its era, and one of the oldest in Australia. Established in 1880, this small, unique and special vineyard of weathered vines produces premium fruit with an exceptional heritage, where each vintage is a reflection of the season, underpinned by a foundation of quality and character formed over 138 years.

The 1880 Shiraz is a living relic of Australia’s pioneering winemaking heritage.

Barossa Trust Mark

The 1880 Shiraz has been recognised as meeting the standards of excellence required to hold the Barossa Trust Mark. This is a mark of aspirational standard set by the Barossa region. It provides a guarantee of assurance and quality, and is founded on five value pillars:

Origin | Integrity | Quality | Environment | Community

Granted under license, the Barossa Trust Mark is awarded to Barossan wines that demonstrate exemplary achievement and distinction across these five pillars. Barossa Trust Mark is your assurance that the wine you are choosing is one that meets a standard of excellence. Poonawatta The 1880 Shiraz meets these values in the following way:

Origin: The 1880 Shiraz is produced from a small single vineyard established over 137 years ago, producing 100% Eden Valley (Barossan) fruit. The 1880 is grown, crushed, vinified and bottled in the Barossa.

Integrity: Our custodial responsibility in caring for one of Australia’s oldest vineyards, and the land that we generate a living from, is a fundamental value of the Holt family. We want these vines to be bearing crops for our children (sixth generation Eden Valley) and grandchildren.

Quality: The 1880 enjoys a consistent history of excellent third part endorsements and reviews from national and international critics.

Environment: Poonawatta’s environmental focus is based on improvement in land use and sustainable management practices. This is the foundation of our vineyard holistic management plan. Each initiative supports and compliments the other, and through a deliberate minimalist approach, we ensure our farming practices are environmentally sustainable.

Community: Our community contributions have been through engagement and involvement in a broad number of areas; most significantly in chairing the Eden Valley Winemakers group, with a core focus to better enhance the awareness and understanding of the Eden Valley wine region.

Visit the Barossa Trust Mark website for more information

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