Property History

In 1967, Gwen Temple and Eleanor Hardie, the daughters of Colonel John Temple who was the second owner of Poonawatta, paid us a visit and shared some of the properties history. Colonel Temple served with the British Army, stationed in India at a town called Poona. An interesting coincidence! Temple purchased the Poonawatta property in 1891 and the family left in 1922. The Poonawatta property at that time was 250 acres, with titles carved off over time as the property changed hands, reducing to its current size of 100 acres (40 hectares).

Temple planted additional vineyards with 47 varieties established; at the time according to the Temple daughters, it was one of the largest privately owned vineyards in the region. A dairy, bee hives, piggery and orchard was established, with lucerne grown in the more fertile and moist areas. An old hollow red gum near the creek was used for smoking hams and bacon.

A pruners quarters was built from stone from the demolished Flaxman Valley Council Chambers building, to accommodate the work teams required to manage the vineyards.

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