familyPoonawatta is a family business, and a business of family. With two generations actively involved in the business, and the third generation earning their pocket money through a variety of vineyard jobs, it can be an all hands, hands on affair.

Poonawatta’s proprietors are Andrew and Michelle Holt. While Andrew’s heritage is firmly linked to Eden Valley, Michelle is a Barossa girl, with a Germanic heritage going back five generations.

Andrew’s mother, Sue continues to support the viticultural activities on the property, along with running their sheep and cattle grazing property Burn Brae, along with Andrew’s brother David and his wife Jenny.

Sue, David and Jenny also undertake another very important function – looking after the kids while mum and dad are off on sales trips around the country.

Caitlin and Stella are the latest generation of Holt’s to dirty their hands in the vineyard – more often through playing with Chelsea the boxer and Oscar the cocker spaniel.


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