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The Poonawatta wine brand takes its name from the Poonawatta property in South Australia’s beautiful Eden Valley, a region synonymous with world class Riesling and Shiraz.

A boutique producer of hand crafted artisan wines, Poonawatta is about authenticity and a sense of place; with limited production and a philosophy and passion that strives to attain the best from every vintage, while meeting our environmental obligations through a commitment to sustainability and responsible guardianship.

The cornerstone of the Poonawatta Estate brand is the two acres of original Shiraz vines planted in 1880. Poonawatta Estate is a unique property as the 1880 vines are one of Australia’s earliest vineyard plantings. It is the 7th oldest Shiraz vineyard in Australia, and one of the oldest producing vineyards in the world.

In more recent times a Riesling vineyard (The Eden) was established in the early 1970s to capitalise on Eden Valley’s ideal climate for this premier variety, and another small Shiraz vineyard (The Cuttings) was established in the mid 1980s from cuttings taken from the original 1880 vines.

In all, Poonawatta Estate consists of three vineyards totaling 9 acres. A small concern indeed, where tonnage and volume yield to a passion to strive for excellence in quality, consistency and uniqueness in the wines we produce.

Poonawatta Estate is situated in South Australia’s prestigious Eden Valley region. Located east of the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley forms part of the Barossa Ranges, and is one of Australia’s premier cool climate wine regions, famous for its ability to produce wines of great elegance and finesse- in particular its stunning Shiraz and delicate Rieslings. Eden Valley falls under the Barossa Valley G.I. classification.

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