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Welcome to Poonawatta; our home, our heritage and the origins of our boutique wine brand. I grew up here, toes in the soil, a wonderful adventure for a young boy. Just up the track is my mother’s ancestral home; the place where our Eden Valley heritage started six generations ago, back in 1860.

Through the vision of my parents, the original Poonawatta Shiraz vineyard planted in 1880 returned to the Poonawatta property in 1971, having been carved off in 1922 as a part of WW1 soldier repatriations. This old vineyard is the centrepiece of our crown, and it’s such a privilege to be the custodians of these wonderful old vines, the oldest vineyard in the area. With only 900 or so original vines remaining, it’s a real living treasure.

My parents added the Riesling vineyard in 1972, and from 1978 to 1982, cutting by cutting, row by row, another small Shiraz vineyard. Michelle and I planted the third Shiraz vineyard in 2007, and a Grenache vineyard in 2019. These blocks produce the single vineyard estate wines.

We also purchase fruit from other Eden Valley growers for our regional series wines. It’s great to be able to extend our passion for Eden Valley by supporting local growers and making special single-vineyard wines they can be proud of.

Ultimately though, it is about family. That’s farming after all; respecting the history of ones’ forbears and protecting and nurturing the land and vines for the future. As a boutique producer of small volume hand-crafted artisan wines, we draw on our history, heritage and community to create wines of authenticity and a sense of place, with a passion that strives to attain the best from every vintage.

On your visit to the Poonawatta cellar door you will be greeted by the fur hosts, Oscar and Charlie, who will bark feverishly until the car door opens, at which point they will become your best friends.


Andrew Holt

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